Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two-Word Movie Reviews: Hello 2010!

A quick digest of the Netflix movies I've seen since the start of 2010. All rankings are out of 5.

Week of 1/4
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Boring. Typical. 2.5 Veal Chunks.
50 Dead Men Walking: Interesting. Confusing. 3 Car Bombs.
The Hip Hop Project: Hippity. Hoppity. 1 Pimp Cups.
Trucker: Surprising. Slinky. 3.5 Bastard Children.

Week of 1/11
In The Loop: Talky. West-Wingy. 4 Walk And Talks.
Big Fan: Intense. Crazified. 4 Beat Downs.
Post Grad: Mind numbing. 1 Predictable Soulsucking.
The Hurt Locker: Brilliant. Compelling. 5 You Should Not Have Pulled That Red Wires.
Amreeka: Foreign. Subtitled. 1 Stopped Watching 10 Minutes in.
Moon: Trippy. Mind-bendy. 4 Hidden Clonemen.

The Cove: Sad. Dolphiny. 4 No More Filet O' Fish For Me.

Week of 1/18
No Impact Man: Bland. Self-absorbed. 1 Take A Shower You Damn Hippies.
Outrage: Gay. Political. 5 Charlie Crist Sure Has Some Stories To Tell (Wink).
My Fuhrer: Hitlerish. Comedy. 3 Hogan's Heroes.

Week of 1/25 (So far)
Surrogates: Robotic. Loud. 2 Even An Idealized Bruce Willis Is Still Ugly.
Soul Power: Funky. Misleading. 1.5 Jesus Just Get To The Music.

Coming up: More thorough reviews of This Is It, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, St. Trinian's, and The Boys Are Back.

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