Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review: Michael Jackson's This Is It

Sure, I was in the midst of (another) existential crisis, but I found myself quite moved watching "This Is It."

Yes. MJ was a wackjob. Set aside his personal sins, and just watch this for the entertainment. Even at 50 years old, he is in fine voice, and his dance moves are ridiculous.

And of course, the music is EPIC.

Watching his rehearse for his London shows MADE ME WANT TO SEE THE CONCERT. The concepts were amazing. The song choice was inspired. There is only one poor musical selection - some crazy Peter Pan sunshine and daisies song about hugging Mother Nature or trees or something.

I just kept thinking: Man. So sad. So Sad. SO SAD.

An amazing talent - which is really the only context in which you should watch the film. I loved it.

Final Ranking: 4.5 Emmanuel Lewises (out of 5)

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