Saturday, February 6, 2010

Review: Zombieland

"Zombieland" stars Jesse Eisenberg, the guy movie producers hire when they can't get Michael Cera.

Which is something to really consider, when you stop to think about the absolute crap that Michael Cera makes.

Anyway, this Eisenberg fellow was the cat who got all sorts of indie cred for sleepwalking through "Adventureland," a real snooze of a hipster b.s. film.

Don't let the similarity of the titles confuse you. Eisenberg's acting is so catatonic that you might think "Zombieland" is the sequel to "Adventureland," with a more accurate description of Jesse's approach to dramaturgy.

In spite of his lousy screen presence, "Zombieland" is fairly entertaining. Woody Harrelson is bat-s insane. The broad is sort of hot. And there is an extended cameo by a famous comedian - in what passes for funny these days. You know. Hey, look - it's that guy - coasting through some scenes, expecting us to laugh out of simple recognition - without really being (in retrospect) all that humorous.

But whatever.

Better than I thought it would be - especially after all the undeserved reach-arounds the media gave "Shaun of the Dead."

Rating: 3.5 Man alive - Woody Harrelson is just SO bald (out of 5)

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